MKB 24: Finished Sleeve!

The 24th pattern in Miss Lambert’s 1843 knitting manual, My Knitting Book, is for Long Sleeves to wear under the Dress.  In my first post about this pattern, I discovered that undersleeves were common additions to 19th-century ladies clothing with various purposes.  They could be easily removed for cleaning or changed throughout the day to changeContinue reading “MKB 24: Finished Sleeve!”

MKB 24: Trials and Tribulations

Today is the day that I try to reclaim my blogging mojo! Several times in the past month, I have thought to myself that I should sit down and write something up, but inspiration failed me and I have not been too productive on the Victorian knitting front.  I am still working on the LongContinue reading “MKB 24: Trials and Tribulations”

MKB 24: Long Sleeves to Wear Under A Dress

I am getting ready to cast on the 24th pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, First Series) which is for a pair of Long Sleeves to Wear Under A Dress.  The name of the pattern made me curious as the sleeves seem to be stand alone sleeves and not attached to the actual dress.Continue reading “MKB 24: Long Sleeves to Wear Under A Dress”