Project No. 3:  A False Start

The third pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book is called “Open Stitch For Cuffs” (p. 14). The image below is a screenshot from the book when viewed on Google Books: The pattern doesn’t require much translation and uses predominantly modern day knitting terminology. Bring the silk forward is the same as yarn forward, and plain knitting, ifContinue reading “Project No. 3:  A False Start”

Knitting for profit or leisure?

As I work on my Knitted Silk Cuffs, I have been thinking about the date that Miss Lambert published My Knitting Book, 1843. Around this time, I had thought that knitting could have been either out of necessity (to clothe yourself and your family), for profit (as a woman’s livelihood) or for leisure, depending onContinue reading “Knitting for profit or leisure?”