MKB Pattern No. 25 – Leaf and Trellis (Chart)

This is a quick follow-up to my post on the Leaf and Trellis lace pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, first series). I don’t know about you but I am much happier with a chart than written instructions when it comes to any lace pattern, especially those that were written 174 years ago.Continue reading “MKB Pattern No. 25 – Leaf and Trellis (Chart)”

MKB 18 – Knitted Insertion (Pattern)

The pattern for a Knitted Insertion is found on Page 32 of Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, first series).  The pattern is short and sweet, easy to memorize and makes for great conversation knitting.  Below, I have provided my interpretation of this 173-year-old pattern. Description The pattern is for a piece of lace that canContinue reading “MKB 18 – Knitted Insertion (Pattern)”

MKB 15: A Bonnet Cap (Pattern)

Please find below my interpretation of the pattern for A Bonnet Cap which was published by Miss Lambert in 1843 in her knitting manual entitled My Knitting Book (First Series) (pp 28-29): Description The pattern is for a bonnet cap, which was a cap with only a forehead and a back but no crown.  IContinue reading “MKB 15: A Bonnet Cap (Pattern)”