MKB Project #21

The 21st pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (First Series, 1843) is for A Muff, in colours of Sable.  The pattern is as follows: Cast on seventy or eighty stitches. First, second, and third rows—plain knitting. Fourth row—bring the wool forward, knit two together, taken at the back.—Repeat to the end of the row. Repeat theseContinue reading “MKB Project #21”

MKB 20: Barley-corn Stitch

The next project in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (First Series, published in 1843) is for Barley-corn Stitch (p.33).  The pattern calls for eight-thread fleecy, or double German wool, and No. 2 needles.  As we established in the post for MKB 19, No. 2 needles on the Lambert Filière are equivalent to approximately 9mm.  I chose to useContinue reading “MKB 20: Barley-corn Stitch”