MKB 17 – Knitted Lace (Nope!)

So, apparently, if I’m not knitting, I have absolutely no incentive to blog!  In the past week or so, I’ve been getting slowly back into knitting as my shoulder is on the mend.  I am only doing a few rows at a time, and far less knitting than I usually do, but I am happyContinue reading “MKB 17 – Knitted Lace (Nope!)”

MKB 17: Knitted Lace (And Lemons)

The seventeenth pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (First Series, 1843) is for Knitted Lace.  As with the other patterns in the book, there is no illustration available to see what the lace should look like.  Although Miss Lambert does not specify in the pattern, it appears to be a narrow knitted lace that could thenContinue reading “MKB 17: Knitted Lace (And Lemons)”