MKB Project 11:  A Completed Brioche!

After what feels like a very long time, I have finished my version of A Brioche, the 11th pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, First Series).  This is also the 11th pattern in my personal project to work through the patterns of this un-illustrated book and try to bring life back to the 172-year-oldContinue reading “MKB Project 11:  A Completed Brioche!”

MKB Project 11: A Brioche Update

I am super excited that I have finally finished the knitted part of my Brioche!  If you recall, several weeks ago now, I began working on a Brioche, the eleventh pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, First Series, pp22-23).  The Brioche is a type of cushion that was also known as a Moorish orContinue reading “MKB Project 11: A Brioche Update”

MKB Project 11: Casting On

The pattern for A Brioche (My Knitting Book, Miss Lambert, 1843 pp 22-23) calls for three thread fleecy or double German wool and No. 8 needles. In modern day knitting language, this is the equivalent to worsted weight yarn and 4.5mm needles. Miss Lambert describes the structure of the cushion as follows: “A Brioche is formedContinue reading “MKB Project 11: Casting On”