MKB Project No. 15 – A Finished Bonnet Cap

I have finished my bonnet cap based on Miss Lambert’s pattern for A Bonnet Cap from her knitting manual My Knitting Book published in 1843 (First Series).  For some reason, I was procrastinating heavily about finishing this cap but today, I made some time to sit down and sew the pieces of my bonnet cap together andContinue reading “MKB Project No. 15 – A Finished Bonnet Cap”

MKB Project 15: A Bonnet Cap – Nearly There!

I completed the knitting portion of A Bonnet Cap from Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, first series) on the larger needle size and was able to achieve a width of 3.5″, which is close enough for me! Finishing that section, I have one large rectangle, 3.5″ x 18″ and one short rectangle 1″ x 6″.  Miss LambertContinue reading “MKB Project 15: A Bonnet Cap – Nearly There!”

MKB Project 15:  A Bonnet Cap

2016 has started with a very busy time including school, work and family life and I have had a difficult time finding the time to knit and blog. Hopefully, now that I have become more settled into these changes and work on developing a new routine, I will be able to make more time forContinue reading “MKB Project 15:  A Bonnet Cap”