MKB 17: Knitted Lace (And Lemons)

The seventeenth pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (First Series, 1843) is for Knitted Lace.  As with the other patterns in the book, there is no illustration available to see what the lace should look like.  Although Miss Lambert does not specify in the pattern, it appears to be a narrow knitted lace that could thenContinue reading “MKB 17: Knitted Lace (And Lemons)”

MKB 16: Double Knitting for Comforters, etc.

The sixteenth pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (First Series, 1843) is for Double Knitting for Comforters, etc.  The pattern is for a basic double knitting stitch pattern using the same colour on both sides of the fabric.  The fabric is reversible, and because it is one colour, the two sides of the fabric are only attachedContinue reading “MKB 16: Double Knitting for Comforters, etc.”

MKB 15: A Bonnet Cap (Pattern)

Please find below my interpretation of the pattern for A Bonnet Cap which was published by Miss Lambert in 1843 in her knitting manual entitled My Knitting Book (First Series) (pp 28-29): Description The pattern is for a bonnet cap, which was a cap with only a forehead and a back but no crown.  IContinue reading “MKB 15: A Bonnet Cap (Pattern)”