Completed my first project

I am very pleased to say that I have finished my first project from a Victorian era knitting book, Siberian Cuffs from Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843) with modifications based on other Siberian Cuff patterns of the same era (see my previous post).  I am so glad I started with an ‘easy’ one becauseContinue reading “Completed my first project”

Casting on …

After a search through my stash, I quickly realized I don’t actually have nine coordinating shades of fingering weight yarn on hand. So I decided to use 5 shades in my favourite colours (blue and grey) and see if I can create a nice effect by combining the colours as follows:  AA, AB, BB, BC,Continue reading “Casting on …”

So much to choose from!

Over the weekend, I dove into the internet looking for 1800s era knitting manuals and was honestly surprised at how many are available for free and for purchase on various websites.  I was particularly impressed by the Richard Rutt Collection at the University of Southampton (England).  Over sixty knitting books from the 1800s from theContinue reading “So much to choose from!”