MKB 37: Cable Knitting

After what feels like an incredibly long time, I have emerged from the doily patterns and can move on to a new book section. The thirty-seventh pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book is for Cable Knitting, which provides instructions on creating a cable. This is a fairly basic pattern and concept, and although the instructions provided byContinue reading “MKB 37: Cable Knitting”

MKB 36: Shell Pattern

The 36th pattern in Miss Lambert’s unillustrated knitting manual, My Knitting Book (First Series, 1843), is the last of twelve stitch patterns for d’oyleys (doilies) and other household items (e.g. fish napkins, tidies, basket napkins). The pattern is called XII. Shell Pattern and is essentially a feather and fan stitch. The written design is reasonably straightforward, comprising just fourContinue reading “MKB 36: Shell Pattern”