MKB 35: Diamond Pattern

As promised, I am back again with a sample of the 35th pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (First Series) published in 1843: XI. Diamond Pattern. The Diamond Pattern is the eleventh of the twelve patterns Miss Lambert has provided that she describes as suitable for “d’oyleys, tidies, fish or basket napkins” that “may also be adapted with a change of material, for shawls, counterpanes, bags and many other articles.”

When I created a chart for the stitch pattern, I modified the design slightly from how it was initially written (click here). I changed knit two together (K2tog, a right-leaning decrease) to a slip-slip knit (SSK, a left-leaning decrease) in some places to enhance the look and symmetry of the diamonds. I also added two rows at the end of the chart to close off the diamonds to match up with the setup rows.

My interpretation of the Diamond Pattern is provided below. The pattern has an eight stitch repeat, and you will work rows 1 to 4 once, repeat rows 5 to 12 until you have reached the desired length, and then work rows 13 and 14 once.

For my sample, I used some leftover fingering weight yarn and 2mm needles. I cast on 46 sts to allow for five repeats of the pattern and a 3 st garter border on each side. I did five repeats before doing the two finishing rows.

I think this is yet another lovely pattern from Miss Lambert’s book that would look amazing in a lighter or heavier weight yarn. Have you tried this pattern before? How did it turn out for you? I would love to see photos if you do give it a try!

One thought on “MKB 35: Diamond Pattern

  1. I’m working out an 1849 lace collar pattern at the moment, and it uses K2tog tbl to make the nearly-symmetrical left-leaning dec to go with the K2tog. I’m curious now to know when the first use of SSK appeared!

    The Diamond pattern looks like one of the numerous variations on the Shetland “Cat’s Paw”, doesn’t it!

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