Rhinebeck 2019 Recap

Last week-end, three generations of women in my family, including my daughter, sister, mother and myself, packed up the car and drove to the Hudson Valley. Our goal? To go to the New York State Sheep and Wool Festival in Rhinebeck, NY. There was a lot of giddiness and excitement as we crossed the border and hopped onto the Interstate en route to our cottage rental near Hudson, NY.

On the Saturday of the festival, we got up bright and early, hoping to arrive when the gates opened. We were a little later than we had planned, having forgotten about the long line up of cars to get into the parking lot! We went to one gate and a very friendly security person directed us to the shorter line to enter the park, and we were in!

By mid-afternoon on Saturday, the festival was buzzing with energy and lots of people. And. So. Many. Beautiful. Sweaters. To take a time out, I spent some time sitting beneath a maple tree near the llama enclosure and enjoyed listening to young kids shout in delight when they saw the animals.

Did I buy anything, you ask? Yep! I bought lots of yarn (a sweater quantity, a shawl kit, and yarn for a hat for my daughter) and fiber for spinning, including some fiber that is not available here in Canada (Cormo, Finn Sheep). I also bought a cute little “whiskey glass” by Jenny the Potter as a souvenir of my amazing week-end!

It will be a few years before I go again, aiming for 2022!

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