Hyperbolic Crochet

Some time ago, I learned about hyperbolic crochet through our local knitting guild.  The concept fascinated me, and I was eager to find out more, but somehow, it ended up on the back burner.  What is so interesting about hyperbolic crochet?  It amazes me to no end that crochet is the best way to create a physical model of non-Euclidian space (i.e. the non-flat world).   To imagine that for years, people struggled with paper and tape to make a real model of non-Euclidean space and finally, a professor of mathematics (Dr Daina Taimina), who is also a crocheter, found the answer while on a camping trip with her husband (see here).  I love that this is a technique that can be used to create organic shapes that are pleasing to the eye and to the touch, and, are often found in nature (e.g. sea slugs, corals, fungi, plants, etc.).

My interest in hyperbolic crochet was renewed again last summer when I made up some Hyperbolic Sphere Scrubbies to give as hostess gifts while visiting England.  Then, when we were looking for ideas for our skills sharing night at the knitting guild, I thought why not share hyperbolic crochet?  So, I did!  In preparation, I made up the following samples of the patterns by the Institute for Figuring’s Hyperbolic Plane Variations:

This type of crochet is quite relaxing and rhythmic, I found.  Very enjoyable and therapeutic!

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