Some Great Podcasts – #TryPod

As a knitter and a person who commutes to school and often needs to drive for several hours at a time for work, I am a huge fan of podcasts.  One of my favourite things to do is to sit outside in the summer, knit and listen to something interesting on my device, soaking up the sun.  I am surprised that more people do not listen to podcasts while knitting, walking or driving, so I decided to share a few here in support of the #trypod initiative.

For more information, you can read here where they say:

According to Edison Research, one in five Americans listened to podcasts every month as of early 2016 – a number that has grown by double-digits for five years. Even though podcasts are growing quickly and are available in more places than ever before, some people still don’t know how to listen or where to start.  (NPR)

So, why do I like listening to podcasts?  There are many reasons!

  • They are free.
  • They are easy to access.
  • There is no commitment.
  • They are hands-free, leaving me free to knit, drive, cook etc.
  • There are many topics to choose from.
  • You can choose precisely what you feel like listening to at that moment.

Are you convinced yet?  I listen to several genres of podcasts and have listed an example of each for you to try below:

  • Knitting.  One of my regular podcasts is by the Knitmore Girls, a weekly multi-generational podcast run by Jasmin and her mother, Gigi, that takes us through their crafting week.  My favourite feature is “When Knitting Attacks!” where the ladies share their knitting fails.  It is great to know that everyone’s knitting doesn’t always work out perfectly the first time!
  • Parenting.  One of my new favourites is One Bad Mother, an irreverent, funny, down to earth but touching and compassionate podcast.  I will caution you that there is swearing.  My favourite segment is where listeners call in with their genius and fail stories and the occasional rant.
  • History.  Beckett and Susan host The History Chicks podcast, which focuses on telling the stories of women in history (including some fictional ones).  Each podcast focuses on one woman and looks at her parents, her life and death.  What I like most about this podcast is that it tells the full story of each woman’s life and does not focus only on the “defining moment” of their lives.  I enjoy each one but I particularly enjoyed the shows on Lucille Ball (Episodes 89 and 90).

With that, I challenge you to download a podcast and give it a listen!  I don’t think you will be disappointed!



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