WIP No. 8: Second Sock Syndrome

This month is just flying by, and I am finally getting around to posting about my next WIP. The next WIP in my WIP challenge is a pair of socks.  The pattern for these socks is the Basic Ribbed Sock (Book Version) by Kate Atherley, and the yarn is in the Queen of Hearts colourway in Twinkle Toes by Studioloo, a local yarn dyer.  The pattern is the first pattern in Kate’s book Custom Socks:  Knit to Fit Your Feet and I had a great time measuring my feet and determining my optimum size.  The intention was to continue on to make other socks from the book; however, I have stalled.


Let’s break this one down:

Step 1:  How did this become a UFO?   Three words.  Second.  Sock. Syndrome.

Step 2:  What’s the real problem here?  Again, just three words.  Second.  Sock.  Syndrome. Although in this case, I think it is complicated by the fact that it’s actually third sock syndrome.  My first attempt was too big due to a gauge miscalculation and some heavy duty denial, and I had to re-knit the first sock.  With my size-10 feet  (equivalent to about a 42 in European sizing) having socks that are too big is not a problem that  I usually have.  I was a little growly about having to re-knit the first sock, so after redoing the first sock and seeing that it fit perfectly, somehow this made me lose motivation instead of motivating me to finish the second one!


Step 3: Next Steps?  Just do it.  I love the yarn, and even though I had to re-knit the original sock, it brings back fond memories of my summer time trip to England so really, I need to just pick it up, cast on, and get that second sock done!

Step 4: Lessons Learned?  I have learned that for me, second sock syndrome is a very real problem.  Second mitten syndrome is a close second.  In the future, I need to work on two at a time socks to prevent this!

Wish me luck as I cast on and try to get the second sock finished!

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