WIP No. 7: DK Wonder Blanket

A few years ago, my husband was laid off from his company, and while he searched for a new job, I found myself on a yarn spending freeze.  Not phased too much, searched Ravelry to find a scrappy project where I could use up odds and ends of yarn that I have kept from various projects.  The blanket I decided to make was The Wonder Blanket, and I cast on in February 2013 (this is definitely my oldest UFO!). Since I didn’t have much in the way of worsted weight yarn ends at the time, I decided to go with DK weight yarn, thinking it would make a good sized baby blanket/play blanket at the end of the day.

This UFO is quite different than previous WIPs and UFOs, so let’s take a look in greater detail.

Step 1:  How did this become a forgotten WIP?  (A 4-year old UFO at this point!)  I think, in this case, I stopped working on the project because the spending freeze lifted and I was able to move on to more interesting projects.

Step 2:  What’s the real problem here?  In this case, I don’t think there is a problem at all.  The pattern is extremely basic, but I enjoy using up the scrap yarn and remembering the various projects that the yarn was used for (my first shawl, baby sweaters for my children, etc.).  The project sits there,  labelled with the correct needle size, and can be picked up at any time when I can’t think of anything to knit.  Or when a baby comes along who is in need of a scrappy play blanket (let’s be clear here, not my baby, I’m done with that part of my life) or a puppy who needs something to snuggle (now, that may happen in 2017).  I think of this as being a “last resort” project, so it is the last thing that comes to mind when I am thinking of what to work on next.  Interestingly, unlike my other UFOs/WIPs, I have no associated guilt or dissatisfaction, just a general sense that I will get around to it someday, and that’s okay.

Step 3: Next Steps?  This project will go back in the WIP box until I am ready to work on it again.

Step 4: Lessons Learned? What have I learned by examining how this WIP ended up reaching UFO status?  I have learned that not all WIPS and UFOs have associated guilt, frustration or denial.  Some of them are simply waiting for the right time.  It feels good to put this project back into the WIP box, guilt free.

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