WIP No. 2 Defeated!

WIP No. 2 is complete!   I really should give this shawl a name other than WIP No. 2 or Guild Challenge … maybe something Irish as the yarn is an Irish two-ply?  I’ve got it,   Slainte, the Irish toast for good health!  Over the period when I was working on this shawl I struggled with some health issues, so the shawl is kind of a talisman for improved health. Knitting relaxes me, and knitting on this shawl was great for my mental health too!

It is a simple plain design, with two increase spines, garter stitch every 20 rows and the final two inches in brioche stitch.  The photos do the colour absolutely no justice at all – the yarn is essentially green with a soft brown halo.  I finished the shawl just in time as we are getting snow and the winds are getting colder.  Warm wool shawls are just the thing to keep the drafts out and ward off chills.


I am pleased that I have finished the shawl and I am glad that this WIP challenge is working!  Now to choose which one to tackle next!

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