Unearthed WIP No. 2

Now that I’ve successfully completed my first Unearthed WIP (UFO), I am eagerly moving on to the next one.  Number 2 is a shawl that I made without a pattern, using some beautiful yarn purchased at our local knitting guild’s destash sale earlier this year.  The guild’s summer challenge was to complete a project made using something from the destash sale so I decided to cast on and play around with a shawl shape.

If you recall from earlier posts, I am not a huge fan of lace weight yarn (or tiny needles … it hurts my fingers) but I couldn’t resist the gorgeous green and brown of this yarn.  Part of the shawl design was to use large needles and I successfully avoided the problem.  Lace yarn is back in the good books:

I cast on and worked fairly steadily over the summer:

But, I did not finish the challenge by September and that was that, into the basket it went. Nearly finished but thrown to the side in favour of more fun projects!

So what happened here, let’s give my Four Step WIP/UFO Analysis a try:

Step 1: How did this become a forgotten WIP?  My main motivation for starting (and finishing) this project was the guild’s summer challenge.  Once I realized I wasn’t going to finish the project in time, I lost interest.  I tried a few times but ended up with some problems that lead to frogging … and more frogging when I couldn’t pick up the stitches properly.  Eventually, I finally taught myself how to do a lifeline using dental floss (mmm, minty!) and got it all set up again but by that time, other projects had captured my attention, I was generally frustrated with the project and the shawl ended up at the bottom of my project basket.

Step 2:  So, what’s the problem?  A complete lack of interest and frustration.  When I looked at the project, I felt a mild sense of failure and general frustration.  My brain was still interested in completing a shawl without a pattern, my heart was madly in love with the green yarn with a brown halo but the shawl just couldn’t compete with the other projects I had on the go.

Step 3: Next Steps?  Just. Do. It.  Pick up the shawl out and finish it!  When I took it out and looked properly, I realized just how little yarn was left and how attainable completing this project actually is.  With cold mornings and winter around the corner, I will certainly enjoy wearing it when it is finished.

Step 4: Lessons Learned? What have I learned by examining how this WIP ended up at the bottom of the pile?  This is a tricky one, I think that in this case, I have learned that I need to remember to enjoy the knitting process, even when there is a deadline, and to forgive myself for making frustrating mistakes and failing to meet said deadline.  Even a fun one, such as at the guild summer challenge!


Wish me luck!  I hope to have this finished quickly, just look how little yarn is left!!

Do you have any aged WIPs?  Forgotten projects?  Unearthed UFOs?  Share their stories below and maybe you too will become motivated to fall in love with them again!

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  1. It’s a beautiful colour! I hope you get lots of wear out of it after having it sit for so long. I too have lots of WIPs and am actively working at getting them off the needles. Some have sat for longer than others though I admit I’ve never given much thought as to why. I’m looking at one right now. Love the wool. Not sure why I never finished it.


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