MKB 18 – Knitted Insertion (Pattern)

The pattern for a Knitted Insertion is found on Page 32 of Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, first series).  The pattern is short and sweet, easy to memorize and makes for great conversation knitting.  Below, I have provided my interpretation of this 173-year-old pattern.



The pattern is for a piece of lace that can be sewn onto curtains, into a table cloth etc.  The lace is quite plain and reversible.


Width x Length = 1″/2.5cm x desired length


Yarn:  DK cotton (sample knit using Patons Grace DK in the colour Aquifer) (amount required depends on the length of lace required).

Needles:  4.0mm (or size needed to obtain gauge).

Other Materials:  Tapestry needle.

Gauge (in pattern):  9 sts x 8 rows = 1inch (2.5cm) x 1inch (2.5cm)


Sl – Slip

K – Knit

P – Purl

K2tog – Knit two stitches together

Yf – Yarn forward


Cast on nine stitches.

Row 1:  Sl1, k2, yf, k2tog, k1, yf, k2tog, p1.

Every row is the same.

Continue until the lace is the desired length.

Wash, block and enjoy a taste of 1843 in your home décor!

Note:  The original pattern calls for fine lace weight cotton and finer needles, I imagine that this lace would look great in any weight of yarn, so long as you change the needle size accordingly!



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