MKB Project No. 15 – A Finished Bonnet Cap

I have finished my bonnet cap based on Miss Lambert’s pattern for A Bonnet Cap from her knitting manual My Knitting Book published in 1843 (First Series).  For some reason, I was procrastinating heavily about finishing this cap but today, I made some time to sit down and sew the pieces of my bonnet cap together and add ribbons and ties.  Because of my larger-than-average head circumference, I choose to put the back piece at the bottom of each side of the front piece.  However, it still does not sit nicely on my head and I think it really is too small.

First, a close up of a the stitch pattern, which is simple and pretty:

A side view, it really is just a fancy headband/ear warmer:

And a view from the back:

I have to say that this has been my least favourite of the patterns from Miss Lambert’s book so far.  I think this is partially due to the needle size error (which was frustrating) and partially because I am a weak hand sewer and did not enjoy attaching the ribbons! Hence, the procrastination!  Although I have to say, I greatly enjoyed my research into the origins of the inch and into bonnet caps in general so all was not in vain.  Besides, if I ever get involved in Victorian era re-enactments, I think this object (customised to fit) would be an excellent and authentic article of clothing to wear, especially on a cold day.

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