MKB Project 14: Finished Sontag (or Cephaline)

I am pleased to share my finished Sontag or Cephaline, the 14th pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book.   It was a tricky pattern for me as it required just enough attention to detail that I couldn’t knit mindlessly.  It took me over a month to finish due to the busy-ness of the holidays.  I had several false starts and eventually realized that “decreasing almost every row” meant I needed to get out a spreadsheet and do some math to make sure that the decreases were even, and I didn’t do too many.

You many recall that Miss Lambert recommends knitting the border in white and using five shades of any colour interspersed with white for the Sontag.  I used yarn from my stash substituting grey (instead of white) and green (of only one shade).  The effect is pretty, and I think it would also work very nicely using a solid and a striping fingering weight yarn.

The cap is similar in shape to the Opera Cap (Project 13) and is worn the same way, with ribbons tied under the chin and at the back of the head.

Although Miss Lambert calls this side the right side:

I think the “wrong” side is equally nice:

Thinking back to all I have learned while working on this project, from the life of Henriette Sontag to the various meanings of the word Cephaline to the personal family story relating to Henriette Sontag, it was a worthwhile endeavor, and I am glad I did it!  I hope to continue learning new things as I continue to work through the patterns in this marvelous 173-year-old book.

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