Looking Back and Looking Forward

It is hard to believe that it is almost the end of 2015!  It has been a year full of ups and downs (as every year is I suppose) but two definite upsides have been this blog and making the decision to take knitting design more seriously.  Thank you so much to all of you who read the blog and follow along with my adventures with knitting and history!

Initially, I had planned to give the blog a try over the summer to keep me busy during a tough time; but soon enough I discovered that I truly enjoyed it.  I re-discovered the joy of writing and gained energy from it.  I also rediscovered my love of history (especially when I can relate it to my own family history).  With a busy family life, I quickly found that writing the blog and doing research to learn more about the mysteries of the patterns in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book to be far more rewarding than I expected and give me valuable and much needed me time.

Looking forward to 2016, I plan to continue to work my way through Miss Lambert’s book and write about whatever comes to mind along the way.  I have a few design ideas in mind inspired by the stitch patterns I have encountered in the book.  I also plan to increase my social media presence and have set up a Facebook page (here) and a Ravelry page (here) where I hope to be able to interact more with the knitting and historical knitting communities.

Take a look at this pretty little booklet summarizing, in photographs, the first 13 projects in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book.  Thank you again for a great 2015 and I will see you again in 2016!

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