MKB No. 14 – Casting On

A Sontag or Cephaline is the 14th pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book.  The pattern calls for single German wool (i.e. fingering weight yarn) and No. 15 needles on the Lambert Filiere (i.e. 3mm needles).  Regarding colour, Miss Lambert recommends knitting the border in white and also using five shades of any colour.  I took a look at my odds and ends of yarn and decided that my best option was to use green and grey, so that my Sontag (or Cephaline) cap will match my Muffatees in Two Colours.

I am happily researching away in my spare time on Henriette Sontag, the origin of the use of the term sontag as an article of clothing and the use of the word cephaline as it relates to clothing or the opera.   I’m not quite ready with a post but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy these images of Henriette Sontag:


Print - H Beard Print Collection
Henriette Sontag – 1838, Image Credit:  Victoria and Albert Museum


Print - H Beard Print Collection
Henriette Sontag – 1844, Image Credit:  Victoria and Albert Museum


I have started to collect images of Mlle Sontag (later Countess de Rossi) on my Pinterest board.


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