MKB Project No. 12: Fringe Pattern Knitting

The next project in Miss Lambert’s 1843 knitting manual, My Knitting Book (First Series), is for “Fringe Pattern Knitting.”  After a lengthy pattern (by Miss Lambert’s standards) for the previous project, this pattern is very simple, comprising only three lines:

Cast on any even number of stitches, in German wool—No. 10 needles.

Turn the wool round the needle, bringing it in front again; knit two together, taken in front.

Every row is the same.  (My Knitting Book, p.23)

In modern day knitting terminology, German Wool is the equivalent of fingering weight yarn and No. 10 needles on the Lambert Filière is equivalent to a 4mm needle.

I chose some fingering weight yarn left over from another project and decided to knit a swatch using this pattern. Although Miss Lambert doesn’t give any suggestions for where this stitch pattern could be used, I suspect that it could be used as a trimming or decorative edge for a scarf, shawl, blanket or any other project that needs a decorative touch.  Once I have knit up the swatch, I’m sure I will have a better idea of where it could be used!

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