Project 10: Double Knitted Cuffs

The pattern for Double Knitted Cuffs is the tenth pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, First Series, p.21).  And, it is the last of the cuff/muffatee patterns.

The pattern calls for two colours of single German wool and No. 13 needles. In modern knitting language, this is the equivalent of fingering weight yarn and 3.25mm needles. Miss Lamber indicates at the end of the pattern to sew up the cuff so it appears that the cuff is to be knit flat.  I chose some fingering yarn left over from a shawl that I recently finished in orange and dark green and cast on.

The main part of the pattern was quite straight forward, creating alternating stripes in garter stitch and a simple, pretty lace pattern. The resulting piece of fabric has a strong bias with the stitches leaning to the right.

When the main section is complete, Miss Lambert asks the knitter to pick up seventy stitches at “one of the narrow ends.” I then had a bit of a paradigm shift as I realized that the stripes would run vertically the length of the arm and not wrap around it.  I chose to pick up and knit 35 stitches and then increase in each stitch on the return row because I felt that otherwise, the join would be too bulky.


I have to say that although I don’t love the frills style wise, I do like the way they turned out and I really enjoyed the overall stitch pattern and use of colour to create a unique effect.

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