Project 9 – Knitted Cuffs, Shell Pattern, Take Two!

I have successfully finished a Knitted Cuff, Shell Pattern (Miss Lambert, My Knitting Book, First Series, 1843, pp18-21) with some modifications.  I was having such a tough time with the lace weight yarn that I gave up on the pattern as written and decided to make some changes.

I altered the pattern to work using fingering weight yarn but still followed Miss Lambert’s suggestions for the colour variations.  As a result, the cuff is longer than it would have been using lace weight yarn, more like an arm warmer, but the overall effect is really nice.  I discovered the reason I was having problems with the number of stitches, an error in the stitch pattern and I made the correction to the 2nd round of the pattern so it would work out.  I am really pleased with how these turned out.

Looking through modern-day shell stitch patterns on Ravelry and in stitch dictionaries, many of them have a purl row to emphasize the shell shape but I like the simplicity of this stitch pattern and found it to be a quick an easy knit without the purl rows.

I was on Pinterest the other day  and discovered this pair of 19th-century socks made with a similar shell stitch pattern.  So pretty and intricate, something to aspire to make in the future!

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