Project No. 5: Completed Muffatee in Two Colours

I have to say that there are many things that I am enjoying about working through the patterns in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book (1843, First Series):

  • Interpreting and translating the patterns as they were written into modern day language.
  • Casting on and seeing how the pattern transpires and how it feels like solving a mystery.
  • Learning new words and clothing styles that were popular in the 1840s.
  • Imagining how these very practical items fit into the Victorian lifestyle.

When I started to work on this project, I expected that I would be making projects that looked ‘Victorian’ that would not be very practical for modern day use and perhaps used stitch patterns that have fallen out of vogue or have been lost over time. However, as I worked through the pattern for the Muffatees in Two Colours, I quickly realized that I have done a variation of this slip stitch pattern while making many mittens (e.g. Shadow Box Mitts) and on the blanket that I am currently working on (Pink Comfort).  Although the number of rows of each colour is not the same as these other projects, this is a stitch pattern that is familiar to many knitters. The more projects that I do from this book, the more I realize how well established the stitch patterns are that we commonly use today.  This project is also very wearable and I will be making a second muffatee to wear when the temperatures drop this fall and into winter!

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