Needlework By My Ancestors?

Today I am sharing another photographic journey through my grandmother’s collection of linens. First, a mat made from crochet squares by my granny:

  Next, two cotton embroidered tablecloths with beautiful crochet trim. I don’t know if they were made by an ancestor of mine but they are very pretty.

   And lastly, my favourite, a cotton piece (a tidy or antimacassar, maybe?) featuring multiple needlework skills including cut out embroidery, netting and tatting :

     I like to think of this being made by one of my ancestors for her trousseau but I really don’t know who made it.  Regardless, it is a beautiful work of art!

4 thoughts on “Needlework By My Ancestors?

  1. I love this post! You did a fantastic job with the photography. Did you use a light box or something? I have some linens from my grandmother, and some not really sure if she made them or not. If we don’t record what we know, the knowledge will be lost!

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