Project No. 4: A Successful Finished Object

I finished one of the “Very Pretty Cuffs” (My Knitting Book, First Series, Miss Lambert, 1843) over the weekend. If you remember from my previous post, I chose to use a larger needle size than recommended by Miss Lambert to tackle this pattern. After some deliberation, I decided to go up by 1mm and used 2.75mm and 3.5mm needles. The pattern was straightforward and a quick knit. Once again, I am amazed at the timelessness of knitting and the fact that these cuffs really don’t seem old fashioned or Victorian. The finished cuff is 6″ long (before folding) and measures 7″ wide at the narrow side and 9 inches wide at the wide side (when flat). The stitch gauge on the garter stitch portion is 6.5 stitches/inch and for the welted portion is 5.5 stitches/inch.

I struggled somewhat with the last line of the pattern, which reads simply: “The Cuffs, when finished, will roll over at the top.”  (My Knitting Book, Miss Lambert, p.16).  Once I was done, I really couldn’t tell which side was the top, was I knitting top to bottom or bottom to top?  Initially, I thought that the wider end of the cuff would go over the forearm while the narrower part would sit on the wrist.  But, if the narrower, garter stitch side of the cuff is the top, then it would be difficult to fold it over the bulkier welting section unless it is not sewn together and folds back more like a shirt cuff:

On the other hand, if the wider welted side is the top and folds over, then it would make a tidy, double layered, warm cuff emphasizing the pretty striping effect:

Either way works really, I would suggest that the knitter just chose their preference and go for it!

So, did I make a good choice second guessing Miss Lambert’s needle sizes?  Based on the assumption that German Wool means the same as fingering weight yarn, I think so. The cuff is snug, if I move up another 0.5mm needle size then I would have a very nice pair of cuffs that will fit me perfectly!

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