Project No. 3: Take Two!

If you remember, a few posts ago, I knit up a sample of the Open Stitch for Cuffs (Miss Lambert, My Knitting Book, 1843) and completely missed the third round of the pattern. Although the resulting stitch was pretty, it was not exactly what Miss Lambert was aiming for so I cast on again and knit the Open Stitch for Cuffs properly this time.

As before, I used a 4mm needle, Magic Loop method and fingering weight yarn. I cast on 48 stitches to test the stitch pattern and added some ribbing to finish it off. Having the third row (a knit row) brings out the open work of the stitch pattern and enhances the vertical linearity. The pattern is stretchy and forms well to the hand and does not look old fashioned or Victorian to me. Although published 173 years ago, I think that the Open Stitch For Cuffs pattern is a simple, elegant and timeless stitch pattern that has stood the test of time.

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