Project No. 3:  A False Start

The third pattern in Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book is called “Open Stitch For Cuffs” (p. 14). The image below is a screenshot from the book when viewed on Google Books:


The pattern doesn’t require much translation and uses predominantly modern day knitting terminology. Bring the silk forward is the same as yarn forward, and plain knitting, if you recall from the Siberian Cuffs, is simply knitting. Since Miss Lambert does not specify the number of stitches to cast on for this pattern and I was feeling somewhat out of love with lace yarn and tiny needles after finishing the Knitted Silk Cuffs, I chose to use a fingering weight yarn instead of the coarse silk (lace weight) called for in the pattern.

Using a 4mm circular needle, I cast on 48 stitches in the round and using the Magic Loop method knit up a cuff. This was truly mindless knitting and so easy to do.  Over the weekend, I spent some blissful moments knitting on my sample in the back yard, listening to a knitting podcast in the shade of our maple tree, and watching our cat chase ants and bumblebees around in the grass. In comparison with the previous set of cuffs, this was relaxing and enjoyable and only took me a day to complete.  I was feeling like an Accomplished Knitter and a Knitter of Heirloom Patterns.  This was probably when I should have thought that something might be wrong, but no.

When I started to write this post, I noticed to my complete astonishment, that are actually three rounds to the pattern, not just two. Sigh.  Oh well, I think that one benefit of knitting from a book with no images of the finished products is that you can always assume you are doing things correctly if they seem to be working out in a pleasing way.

If you decide to try this pattern and omit the third round, this is the result:

It is a very pretty stitch I think – it has a bit of a spiral effect and an appealing angularity to the stitch that results from bringing the yarn forward to make a new stitch.  I think it would work out quite nicely with some aggressive blocking, I may experiment and share in a later post.  At this point, I am considering the discovery of this pretty stitch to be a happy accident and definitely something to revisit in the future.

Now, feeling quite humbled with a renewed respect for Attention To Detail, I am off to knit up another sample to discover what the stitch pattern will look like when one pays attention to detail and does the pattern as Miss Lambert intended!

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