Finished – A Knitted Silk Cuff

I finally finished my Knitted Silk Cuffs (My Knitting Book, Miss Lambert, 1843)!!!

These cuffs were a big struggle for me to complete and I didn’t expect them to take as long as they did since the pattern was straightforward and easy to understand. Lace weight yarn and fine needles aside, the stitch pattern required more concentration than I originally thought it would. Although it is just a one-row pattern (yo, s1, k1, psso, k1, p1 and repeat), I couldn’t knit it completely mindlessly without making a mistake.

I am not too happy with the ‘ladders’ that formed where I switched needles during the Magic Loop technique. This is absolutely no fault of the pattern and is reflective of the knitter’s inexperience with using the Magic Loop with fine yarn. I imagine that the ladders could have been avoided or minimized by using double pointed needles instead of the long circular needle. I tried to block the ladders out with limited success as I did not want to stretch the ribbing out too much. The wider stitch area will just have to be a design feature this time around.

Despite the ladders, I really like these cuffs.  They are warm, delicate and soft. The stitch pattern is gentle but interesting to look at with a nice spiral effect and does not look ‘old fashioned.’ The stretchy fabric means that the cuffs will fit a wide variety of wrist sizes. I think these cuffs would make a great addition to a modern day cool weather wardrobe or as an accessory for use in the office where there is ice cold air conditioning.

Project details can be found on my  pattern page on Ravelry, here.

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