Project Update – Knitted Silk Cuffs

Over the past week, I have been working quietly away on my Knitted Silk Cuffs from Miss Lambert’s My Knitting Book. The stitch pattern is lovely and looks so simple but working in lace weight yarn with a time-consuming stitch pattern (yo, s1, psso, K1, P1) is taking me forever. I am finally getting used to knitting with the 1.5mm needles and my stitches are looking neater for the most part anyway. I find that working with the lace weight yarn is quite unforgiving – uneven stitches really stand out and I am having a strong laddering effect where the needle cables pull at the fabric.  The upside is that mistakes show up quickly so I can go back and fix them without too much trouble. I am hoping the miracle of blocking will even some things out!

I only have a few more inches to go, so I feel confident sharing my progress – the end is in sight!!

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