Day 3: KCBW – Photography Upgrade

When I read the guidelines for today’s prompt for Knitting and Crochet Blog Week, I thought, what could I possibly have around my boring old house that would help me make my knitting photos more creative and eye-catching? Once I started looking around it was easier than I thought to find interesting things to include in my photos. Each of these things has meaning to me and some I have had a very long time and kind of forgot I had, even though I walk past them every day. It was nice to see them in a different light!

The original photo that I took of my finished Stripe Infatuation shawl was pretty boring, so I tried to get creative and create some more eye catching shots using items from around the house.

First a bowl, bought in France for me by my mom:

Second, an ammonite fossil, bought by me on a trip to Lyme Regis, England:

Third, a bluebird timer, part of my daughter’s Christmas present from my sister:

And finally, a bit of a silly picture with this lovely lawn ornament bought for me by my mother in law:

(Yes, that is a frog playing the cello!)

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