Day 1: Knitting and Crochet Blog Week

I discovered this annual event through Ravelry and thought, as a new blogger, it wouldn’t hurt to join in on the fun!  So this week, I will take a break from my usual posts about my progress with My Knitting Book by Miss Lambert (and maybe complete my Knitted Silk Cuffs) and follow along with Knitting and Crochet Blog Week’s daily prompts. The blog week is organized by Eskimimi Makes and more information is available on her website if you would like to join in the fun!

Today’s prompt is “If You Were Yarn”:

If I were yarn, I would be the perfect shade of peaceful green, understated with an occasional burst of hidden bright and wild colours that surprise you just when you think you have me figured out.

If I were yarn, I would be, for the most part, loosely plied and easy to knit with but with sections that are overspun and tightly wound that can usually be returned to normal through mindfulness and knitting.

If I were yarn, I would be made from soft silk and alpaca with sections that are made with coarse prickly wool that come along about once a month or when I feel you have wronged me or my children.

If I were yarn, I would be strong and resilient but in spots I would look so thin and fragile that you think I will break under stress, but I don’t.

If I were yarn, I would be full of imperfections, with lumps in the places where I wish they weren’t, with knots where I have had to repair myself and with bits of vegetation and other baggage that show up at times when I wish they wouldn’t.

If I were yarn, I would be precisely the type of yarn that no one would ever want to knit with, but as a person, I am fantastic just the way I am!

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