Why I Started This Blog

There are many reasons why I started this blog:

  1. I love to knit. I have been knitting since I was a child, stopped for a while, picked it up again during university as a way to relieve stress during exams, and have really never put it down since.
  2. I love history. I have a terrible time remembering the dates of historical events but really enjoy the personal stories of people who lived in the past, the letters and photographs that provide a glimpse into their lives, and learning about how they survived, particularly in our cold Canadian winters.
  3. I love to figure things out.  Nothing makes me happier than sitting down and figuring out a puzzle.  Reading and interpreting Victorian knitting patterns is like doing a puzzle with what I hope will be satisfying results.
  4. I love genealogy.  I am fairly new at researching my family tree, but every time I find a new family story or photograph, I am lost in imagining what the lives of my ancestors would have been like.

There are many other personal reasons that don’t need to be mentioned here. I enjoy sharing my passions with others and I hope that they will be of interest to others there in the world.

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