Up for the challenge!

Taking on a knitting book over 170 years old is an intimidating and exciting task.  I know there will be challenges with trying to match the pattern requirements (yarn, needles) to modern day equivalents.  I know I will have to learn the terminology used in Miss Lambert’s patterns and translate to present day techniques.  In some cases, I expect to be doing plenty of research into simply understanding the purpose of a knitted object.  I am up for the challenge!

In the beginning of my My Knitting Book, Miss Lambert provides an “Explanation of Terms used in Knitting” and provides information on the “Standard Filière” (a knitting gauge) designed by the authoress.  Miss Lambert also provides some (vague) guidance on gauge/tension, as follows:

“It is necessary, in giving or following directions for knitting, to caution knitters to observe a medium in their work – not knitting either too loose or too tight.” (p.12, My Knitting Book, 1843)

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